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You can be anything you wanna be
You can go anywhere you wanna see
A little hard work and you can do it
Faith will get you through it
So many possibilitys

George and Jack:
You gotta believe see it
And you can be it
The answers are all inside yourself

Peter George and Jack:
The universe has loads of space
And the gift that it gave to the whole human race
Is that
We're all made of stars
We're all made of dreams
No matter who you are
You can do what you want
Go where you like
Be who you wanna be

If a doctor could save only just one life
from pain and from misery,
that's what I wanna be

I would sail all around the world
A life of discovery
That is the life for me

If I could write every single day I'd
Write all my cares away

I'd be leading a different life
A wonderful life

A magical life!
Bah bah bahdy dah dah dah dah ect.
You can do what you want
Go where you like
Be who you want to be

Be what you wanna be

Be what you wanna be!

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Finding Neverland (Broadway Production)

Finding Neverland texty

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