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Ahoy me hartes!
Look there's a ship we could steal
Micheal and Jack:
Let's sneak up and climb aboard
If there's a fight show no mercy!
He will answer to the sword!
We'll raise are flag and he'll be gone
Before he knows what going on!
We will be feared by everyone
The pirates of Kensington!
Please can you move cause we're playing a game and really your in the way
We need this bench in the park
So walk the plank!
If your not with us then your one of them!
So hands up prepare to surrender
You should know that were the pirates of Kensington!
We're gonna stay till the sun goes away
It's just like you always say
We shouldn't be inside on such a
Beautiful day
A shame to waste the sun
Go out and have some fun
In the park in Kensington
On such a beautiful day!

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Finding Neverland (Broadway Production)

Finding Neverland texty

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