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Greed For Revenge - text


My life is lost I lived it most but anger grows within
What did I miss what makes me pissed let terror's reing begin
I'm desperate but also fed with all your lises in life
Existence fades my violent rage I'm just looking for strife

Greed for revenge it makes me spin
Now you'll feel what dwells within

Your hairy bum I'll hit and run try catch me if you can
Get off your knees and do your deeds and take it like a man
You have no chance I'm in advance my anger gives me strenght
Kick in your face my boots are laced my thirst for blood to quench

Greed for revenge it makes me spin
Greed for revenge now you'll feel what dwells within
Arrogance is what you spray what will
Happen when you stay
Violence the only way what I feel I cannot say

Now your time has come to pray I'm so curious what you say
All the things that you've done wrong absorbing them it makes me strong
Ride the wings of my hatred this is not the last word said
Downfall of your selfish pride don't think
Bout your zeroed rights

Greed for revenge it makes me spin
Now you'll feel what dwells within

Hide behind a mask of lunacy can't keep that status
Out to show the world it's destiny grey coloured future

Can't get it back my life's a wreck don't know
Whom I shall blame
Aggressions burst who will be first this is not a game
Not a game

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Video přidala AveSatanas

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