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TiK ToK: Phoenix Wright - text


Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like a lawyer,
Polish my badge and spike my hair;
I'm lookin like a baller!
Before I leave, check my wallet and nearly choke,
Cause Maya's stomach has left me utterly broke!

We're talkin chillin with underaged girls, girls,
Always gettin slapped by Pearls, Pearls,
Eatin' burgers till we hurl, hurl...

Go out and sneak around all those crime scenes,
Try to keep it down and go unseen,
But we're never really that lucky...

I still haven't talked to the accused;
What's that? Trial starts now?
Well I guess I'm real screwed
I need a quick five minute recess

This sucks -- no one listens to me
Shot down, "OVERRULED"
Just like every other time!
I just wanna get a 'not guilty'

Text přidala Jacey

Video přidala Jacey

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