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The Great Truth Burglar (Ace Attorney) - text


Step aside, watch and learn; don't try to rain on my parade,
Cause if you're not careful, I might steal your heart away;
I'll be swifter and stealthier than any ninja could,
I'm your Queen of Thieves, and I'm your modern Robin Hood!

The breeze in the air tells me treasure's out there; "Search if you dare..."
It laughs, beckoning; calling out to me, whispering my name...

I'm a mistress of secrets, the magician with the key,
It's not rocket science, it's just my philosophy
Cause the world's my oyster, riches waiting to be found,
All for me to take and spread the joy of wealth around!

If you think you can lie and pull the wool over my eyes,
Then I'm sad to say you may be in for a surprise,
I will find the greatest treasure, luring out the truth,
I'm the great, the one and only Yatagarasu

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