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Stars above
Your twinkle in the night joins our hearts as one
Now the lights are burning out
Washed away
All the hopes and dreams that came pouring down like the rain
Dried up and left to die
Faint cries heard through the night,
We follow blind, it isn't right
Will the sun rise when I awake
Or will it fade out
Consumed by a daydream
Fighting to face reality
Telling tales of old times
It’s clear their dignity has died
Beneath the twilight will the world still hear their cries
Only our silence can light up the way
Don’t get swayed
Though the pieces seem to line up they hold no weight
Find the truth within the lies
Know your worth
You are more than just their prize, you’re a gift to the Earth
Don’t waste away your life
Fear always finds a way playing little games, leading hearts astray
So much hate bottled up inside, we have to try, fight
Don’t give in to daydreams
They’re not as gentle as they seem
When you start to lose sight
Lend me your ears, I’ll be your eyes
Come forth and follow
Crossing the bridge to tomorrow
Pray for silence and sing through the night
Fleeting melodies bringing back those heartfelt memories
Knowing that we would pay a price
When we left the things we loved behind
Twisted images of this crazy life we’re living in
Blessing those with the will to fight,
Crushing those who would let it die
A dream born from tears and lies
Cut down the nightmare in disguise
Let the fools make their noise
And watch them revel in their joy
I will not follow
Sing one last song for tomorrow
Give us silence to ring far and wide
Don’t be afraid daybreak has come

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