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Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Ace Attorney) - text


The fragrance is dark, bitter
I feel all the sadness of the world
In my soul as I drink down the pain
I close my eyes and hear your voice out in the distance
I see your sweet face out in the rain

Seems so real
I just want to reach out and embrace you
Only if for a while

I flee to a memory
Of your arms around me
Of your smile, your beauty, your love
Cling to me now
Murmur my name as we walk hand in hand and
Release this pain in me

Your smile gave me strength, splendor
Your voice filled my heart with warmth and joy
When I met you, you lit up my world
You changed my life, showed me the beauty living around me
Never had I known what love meant until you

But you're gone
And nothing's the same without your presence
The color has drained away

How I miss your innocence
How I long for your tenderness
How I yearn for my world to return
Oh if only I could go back and be there when you needed me
Maybe you'd be here

The bitterness burns
Oh how I yearn
Scalding... Haunting...

Oh, can you feel it burn?

Everything's so meaningless
All the world's full of emptiness
Life exists only there in my dreams

Now I stand here
Wishing you'd somehow return to my arms
But the silence brings me back

I must move ahead
Even though you're gone
Even though fate's thrown me into a world full of grey

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