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Courtroom Révolutionnaire (Ace Attorney) - text

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Follow your heart out of the darkness
Stand up and rise from the ashes
Back to the start, far from the madness
Come alive again
Break off the chains of hesitation
Your voice will be your salvation
Look to the light of liberation
Waiting at the end
I'll chase away
All of the phantoms that haunt in your sleep
Don't be afraid of your emotions
Give into them and run to me
I can hear you calling out for me
All of the discord in your heart reveals
That you need me now
So I won't leave you, this I vow
Once I was young, once I was frightened
But now I stand here enlightened
No longer bound by my own silence
This is here and now
Walk every road, fight every battle
Let judgement fall with the gavel
Stand unashamed:
What good is faith without a bit of doubt?
You'll be safe for now
I'll never leave you, this I wow

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