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Spin Around The World - text


Once there was a time
When I could name my fears and wishes
Once there was a time

When all the world seemed but a game
I hit the stage and thought
Let's go and seek tomorrow
I was so sure
That the best was yet to come

But this was only the first part of the Journey
This was the year
When we set out for Fiddler's Green
And since that time there is no rest for the wicked
There ain't no rest
Until there's nothing to be seen

There are two voices always shouting in my silence
The evil tempter of my peace
He keeps on telling me
"Don't you want to be more than nobody?"
"Just get a wife and watch TV"

So I tell my dream
To go to hell and never tease me
So I tell my dream
To stand by me and hold me tight
So I try to see a little more
But all these shadows
The more that I see
The more I feel
I'm almost blind

And sometimes I wonder
Where we go
And sometimes I wonder
Where we've been

We've had enough but yet we feel
That we're still starving
We're longing for something
That won't show its lovely face
And when we grab it we find out
That it's gone forever
It faded away
Without a single little trace

And sometimes I wonder
Where we go
We've lost our way
To Fiddler's Green

Fiddler's Green
Is a place I heard tell
Where the fisherman go
If they don't go to hell
The skies are all clear
And the dolphins do play
And the cold coast of Greenland
Is far away

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