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Rainbow Warrior - text


For seven years the rainbow warriors sailed the pacific ocean
puruing a pacific mission and a pacific course
But the French secret service had a whale of a time

Blowing the ship up on the 10th of July in 1985
In her struggle she became a symbol of resistance
The name of the ship was Rainbow Warrior

In a little nutshell we cruised the seven seas
Warriors guided by a dove, o-oh skidup
We were trying to find the dumping trails
Seagulls dancing high above, o-oh skidup
Another desperate morning
I remember it so well
'T was July of '85, o-oh skidup
Two explosions, and the ship sank to the ground
To the bottom of the sea, o-oh skidup

Today there is another ship sails the seven seas
You can watch it on your screen, o-oh skidup
Keeping the spirit while we switch off the TV
The world seems fine for you and me, o-oh skidup

Today there is another ship that sails the seven seas again
Guided by a dove

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