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A lonely evening settles down
There’s no escape here ‘cause now I drown
In all that memories that float inside
And keep me burning
A raging chaos in my head
I throw my blanket from my bed
There ain’t no rest and there ain’t no peace
I’m thinking about you

The burnt-out end of a smoky day
I have to go now, cannot stay
I’m trying hard not to lose my way
That takes me backwards

It could be heaven, could be hell
But she’s in doubt and she cannot tell
If we’re together or apart
No final answer
And now I’m staring at the phone
Time is frozen, I’m on my own
I’m sitting here completely paralyzed
I’m in slow-motion

Do you remember the time when our hearts could fly
Stretching our souls across the wide wide sky
My self and my soul they were the very best friends
But now they’re apart and never shake their hands

This is an SOS
This is an SOS

Make up your mind
Don’t keep me burning
I’m trying so hard to gain ground
Make up your mind
Don’t keep me yearning
I’m down on my knees
(Down on my knees)

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