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Crack In The Border - text


Get me out
Out of everyday's prison
I don't want to be working and

Working until I die
There ain't no doubt
That I'm a renegade dropout
I'm a wandering busker and play all
My songs in town

Pretty baby
I'm sorry for our damn nightmare
Well, let's call it a day and let's pray
That the good time roll
I was caught in a trap
But now I'm walking on sunshine
So, I'm turning the page and I smash
Down the cage inside

Unchain my heart
And give my soul a tough kick-start
Just a brand-new sensation no song
Of frustration, please
I'm leaving tonight
And visit all the new places
Now I'm walking forever and never
Will slacken pace

Don't stop me
There's a crack in the border
So get right out of my way - my way!
Don't stop me, there's a crack in the border
Now we break down the frontier

The boys are back in town
The days of trouble but
Now they're free to rove and ramble
Free to go wherever the wind blows

Text přidal DevilDan

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