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Another Ring Of Fire - text


Hey babe, don't dance so close
Cause you're an overdose

Hey babe, please stop that thrill
This sensual overkill
I see your body talk
You dance to Irish Folk
I'm close to the edge
So close to break my pledge

Please keep out of reach
And hear my desperate speech
But now my body burns
And so the weather turns
Deep down in your eyes
I see the gates of paradise
She drives me round the twist
Because I can't resist

Hey babe, use the day
Because time slips away
Better do it now and here
Run faster than your fear
Don't wait for times to come
And see the morning sun
Things get off the ground
You hold me spellbound

You roused the Ring of Fire
It burns deep in my soul
You conjured up my passion
Now desire takes control

Won't you hear my last warning
Can't you see the fires burn
Please refrain from your heart's calling
Or you'll pass the point of no return

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King Shepherd

Fiddler's Green texty

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