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My Forgetful Baby - text


Boys and girls, I'll tell a story
It's good enough as true
Of my forgetful baby
An act she put me through
Ah, first time that I saw her
I knew I had to make her mine
My dear forgetful baby
Made me lose my mind
She said she had no memory
And then she forgot my name
She said she had some condition
Oh, forgetful in the brain
Ah, she told me to forget her
She would only break my heart
She was beautiful and honest
That's where our story starts
I had just gotten out of prison
She had just gotten out of church
We got married on a Sunday
And by Monday things were worse
Oh, she can't recall the wedding
She swears she ain't my spouse
So now she's living like she's single
She's living in my house
Oh, there she goes
She tried to kiss the preacher
She even gave my Pa a smack
She tried to kiss the mailman
But trouble is, he kissed her back
We were walking through the beaumont
She grabbed another fella by the rear
And I had to flag her down
Forgetful baby, I'm over here
She said forgetful is contagious
And I think I feel the same
I'm pretty sure I've forgotten my forgetful baby's name
Oh, please forgetful baby
Won't you tell me what went wrong?
Tell me quick, forgetful baby
I think I forgot how to end my song
"That was the worst take of all for me. I forgot EVERYTHING."
"Oh, raw, it was really sick."
"It was good, alright we'll get another one, we'll get another one. Keep this, just keep, keep it rolling, keep it rolling."

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