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Closer Than You Think - text


you've got a vision of some far off day
beautiful and bright
a carrot hanging out of reach
but always in your sight
there's an icon in your mind
that stands for happiness someday
a picture on the wall
of a kingdom far away

but oh, it's closer than you think
oh, it's breathing in between
oh, it's closer than you think
oh, it's right under your feet

the sky is much more blue
and the clouds are always white
the streets of course are gold
and always lit with rays of light
there's nothing on this earth
that's as good as whats up there
life is so much better
when you're floating in the air

forget about your bother
if he doesn't seem to understand
the heaven you've concocted in your head
never mind your sister
when she asks you silly questions
about all the broken people left unfed
the burning questions are better left for dead

you can spend your life inside a box
looking through stained glass
and dream about a better day
and home that it comes fast

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