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Killing Fields - text


This war is a lie
Judge the righteous from their place on high
But I wonder who they'd blame
If their ivory towers were set aflame

And how did it seem
To watch 9/11 on a tv screen?
While we lived through it
City's burning in a fiery pit

We march across the killing fields
We set the laws with swords and shield
Our funeral pyres light up the sky
We send our children off to die

Treacherous paths we walk alone
Our hands and hearts have turned to stone
These are the chances that we take
The sacrifices we must make

Now a shaky hand
Brings the news from a far off land
This man, they cut him down
Spilled his blood on foreign ground

His loss should be a sign
Of valor to those left behind
The end, the letter read
"I'm sorry, ma'am, but your son is dead".

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