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Lost in the depths of your hapless facade
Your pious contempt brings you closer to God
Judgement and sentence the company you keep
Bitter resentment that rocks you to sleep
Life is a game that you know you can't win
Envy and hate feed the demons within
Try to deny what you don't want to hear
The truth isn't easy when you live in fear
I am the guilt living deep in your soul
I am the voice that you hear in your head
I am the weakness you cannot control
I am the reason you wish you were dead
Is it so simple to deny yourself these things?
How does it feel to be slipping away?
Warm in the comfort that darkness will bring
Where you dream for tomorrow what you lost today
Intense isolation is all that you know
Sorrow and sickness, you reap what you sow
Alone with your demons you pray for the end
Dreams of tomorrow as darkness descends

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