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Defenders of Tanelorn - text


Blaze gently sails across the green valley
But grim are the skies upon us
Once more arose the darkness to consume our lands
Countless minions approach
And their black armour glitters...

Grim clouds wander the skies
Last breath of sunrise dies
Dawn brings chill and dismay
It's time to rise or to fade away

White burgh surrounded by dark
Blades shine and thrust for blood
Long gaze stare at your foe
Dark clad armies are ready to go

Rise for more! Children of dawn!

First strike shakes up the gates
Black shroud falls on our fates
Swords clash and up fly the sparks
Proud white banner surrounded by dark

Cold blaze whispers our names
With force shour out your pain
Run straight into the storm
Final resistance of flames unborn

Blades of old! Blister once more!

Rise for more! Children of dawn!

Blades of old! Blister once more!

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