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We're diving in
I'm going head first
How should I begin?
The bad news or the worst?
We're giving in to the thing we said we'd
Never ever let take from us
Watch everything I used to stand on fall away
And all that hoping in tomorrow died today
Happily digging our own graves
Don't care what our tombstones will say
For The Record!
You say I am but I am not
Marvel at the sight of everything I've got
Half full but a have not
Fill my glass up to the top
For The Record!
My legacy
Replenish me
For The Record!
Tragedy stacked
Envy me, I am everything you lack
For The Record!
I need someone to blame
I need somewhere to pass off all of this shame
I hear the ticking inside my brain
It's getting harder just to maintain
Watch everything I used to stand on stand on me
Feeling the burden of tomorrow's yesterday
You're selling freedom to modern slaves
We can't even afford the chains
(This is exactly why we invest in ourselves)
Tell the old me that he's
Gonna be okay
Try not to live in the past
'Cause you could die today
And you can't see it
If you don't want it
So play the game with every card

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