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The Dying Stars - text


From the utmost depths
In blackest earth-flesh entombed
I have arisen again

The bedrock cracked by celestial vengeance
Mountains cleft in twain
Forests cindered by starfire
Stir me from this greatest slumber

Blood runs once more
Blood of the forgotten seers
Blood of those buried of mist-shrouded loss
Veins pulse
To banish millennia upon millennia of oblivion
To unleash a howling keen of new knowledge


Ichor-smeared eyes bear witness to a firmament of turmoil
My vision clears, my purpose hardens

Ascendance - thy gift sears
Burned by the embers of the dying stars

It was once said that there is beauty in destruction
That death brings serenity
In the final exhalation of eternal peace
Yet this thrashing conflagration of ending
That scours all senses and purges the mind
Brings only desolation
And sorrow and woe

Beliefs now cinders, credos in ruins

A cold wind brushes the dead skin of withered ideals

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