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Our Names Written in Embers (Part 1: Beacons .. - text


Embrace the fallen leaves of the burned
Cry havoc these paeans of woe
Ten thousand sins sliced upon the canvas
Of a furnace as yet undimmed

The furnace is undimmed

These pyres scar a torpid sky
Steepled are the burning mounds
These offerings to eternity are legion

Beacons of war
Beacons of sorrow
Flames that yearn
For blood on the 'morrow


Never to be extinguished

And when the storm of our rage is thus spent
And crows stir the cinders of loss
What legacy remains in a frozen abyss
Strewn with the detritus of vengeance

Slaked are the thirsts
That sear the nation
But these throats yearn for more
Throats seared by hatred's screams
Parched by the lust for conquest
Soils turned to lifeless dust underfoot
Temples of rock reduced ruin

The birth and death of Empire
Rips at the skein of this world

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