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[Verse 1]
I gotta little bit a jack and a whole lot of herb
a pretty little chick with a whole lot of nerve
I'm far from the curb, no I'm not a nerd, but I
know how to calculate them birds
A billionaire boy I'm a make shit worse, because I
drink money can't quench my thirst
A league of my own, you regular I'm rugby
don't judge a book by its cover, I'm Mugsy
budge me I think not, I'm to pudgey
when the mc cocks the hammer you can't touch me
and I keep the marijuana right where the slugs be
right where my nuts me, I'm the man trust me
I'm fucking lady luck your unlucky
still the media treats me unjustily
and what I got to say to the media is 'fuck thee'
motherfucker sabotage wouldn't even fuck me?
Im not sayin I'm the best
but I'm stayin for the rest
I'm in a league of my own
just give me the word and then its on
No struggles I'm livin life
big cities filled with bright lights
I'm in a league of my own
just give me the word and then its on
[Verse 2]
Just give me the word, I get it poppin like new years
give me a blunt squares and 2 beers
Heiniken, and when I rhyme my friend
I can shine just like a diamond can
don't get me confused with a lion man
keep it real I kill like a lion can
savage of the jungle, all by myself
and all them other artists Imma knock em' off the shelf
didn't see me coming cos' I move like a stealth
and Kev like cancer, I'm bad for your health,
bad for your system, bad for your mind
you looking at Hollywoods bad guy
on some bad ass rims and a bad ass ride
You had your turn, its the bad guys time
Lookin like a model ho's say I'm fine
50,000 on the watch I stay on time
[Verse 3 (Bridge)]
I came to get down I came to get right
You came to go home so have a good night [x2]
I aint sayin I'm the best kid
but I'm better than the rest is
test this, go home put a bullet hole where your vest is
yes this is the definition of wreckless
you can hate but you still gotta respect this
let my nuts hang like a motherfuckin necklace
get it fucked up send you nerds home specless
speechless, full of hard knocks where they teach this
Preech this, turn your body pale like I bleached it
put it on your mind like, telekineses
you gotta be high in order to tweak this
I'm on another level you chumps will never reach this

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Playing With Fire


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