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I can't see you; I close my eyes
Memory of your smile is fading
A nameless fear consumes my mind
Lack of words and my own understanding
I don't feel sadness nor regret
I would have not wanted it any other way
I watch you disappear
Hope you know that I would give it all
But can see your fading light
Hear the voices screaming out
Demanding echoes from yesterday
I am so mesmerized
By the demons of my own design
I'm ready to join the shadows dance
Cold is your bare skin under my hand
So distant and obscure
I see the shape of you
Burn down the memories
That we had to lose
But I will not forget
Never the shape of you
Silent is my cry
Like echoes in the night
Can't turn it away
Rewind, rewrite everything, every time
I did my time, still stuck in this fight
Can't make it go away
It will begin all over from the start
Tonight I will try
To remember my life
Can't see through the mist
It must be found at the other side
Fragments of my mind
Past my face I'll hide
Can't get my rest
I'm so scared in my bed all the time

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