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Break Out Your Stained Brain - text

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Bring some noise !
In my imaginary world,
I’ve slaughtered you countless world
Sharp knife blade your skin
Rips your flesh apart
I love to hear you scream in pain and go break in tears
It is all this world’s fault
Nothing really went wrong with us
It was just our nature
Goodbye to you
“Do or Die” was what I have learnt from you
Do not turn your back to me cuz then I’ll kill you
As I spread my wings I look upon to the clouds
Why do I need to carry such heavy burden ?
I’m no longer taking this with me
Fly away
Up high to the sky
Rebel against the sun
Rise for my own freedom
Cut it out !
I’ve had enough with you all
It’s my turn to get back on you
Protest and show to those who can’t
Good morning, all you damn socialized retards
Must be still busy checkin’ checkin’ checkin’ the news
I’ll blow out your brain stained by social propaganda
Say goodbye to the caste system making no sense
Take a look at that pet shop down street, you see ?
Trapped innocent lives… Crash it Crash it down !
So who on this earth bullshitted and said that “all lives are equal”
Greedy douche bags are shat your and I are

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