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I shall redeem myself from the clutch that grasp at my inner self
Looking inside your future uncertain
The fear grows as a sickness uncured
Sickness! Uncertain of being back
Sickness! Time of insane
Sickness! That’s about to die
Sickness! A life of intercourse and lust
The tears in your eyes as red as blood
To suffer alone in disgrace
Rotting skinny corpse left alone
Dream of dissipation
A sudden inspiration a feeling so strong
Your life is not worth a day
Destroyed and defiled as on a proving ground
Infected pain, dead awaits
Creatures fucked by a greedy pat
The first time I’ve taste blood
Saw the rampant mainstream dying off
Remember the atrocities
Eat me: come on my taste to satisfy my fucking pride
Call me: do the cannibal for me, eat me, call me, hate me
Under the scale of secrecy
Nobody will come to know the truth
Impure with impeccability
Heinous deeds coming soon

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