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Whola dema know soma dema fight Whola dema know soma dema fight...pump pump pump dem tell dem so strong tell dem could fight but they act like bad man inna their life whola dema care for dem selves nuh others whola dema forget about full brothers mi see dem everyday depart from righteous way No we naa bow naa go down low ta badman mi tell dem so wi unno need more love love love pump pump pump...Mi nuh waan fi do it man...mi hav di better plan positive vibration,mi wan fi fly inna di time hey man ride yo' microphone and tell dem a No.1 Mr.Dj com fi play di sound and dema a unit,dem a unit Whola dema know soma dema fight Whola dema know soma dema fight...pump pump pump Destruction,corruption and manipulation mass communication and brain intoxication man against man and brotha kill brotha dem a hate dema a murder dema kill each others...riding,riding black eagle,money money money roots of the evil...riding,dem a play with di evil babylon is burning welcome to last level burn the hypocrites burn dema down it's just candyfloss you see around most of the people don't eat when they're hungry most of the children have no chance to study(realize)we nuh live in paradise so burn down these stupid lies Mek cut up dem crap,me've got enough,fed up with fuss n fightin,an actin rough,wi nevaplay dem game,wi solid as rock,dis madness-shall stop

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