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Last night in a noisy bar was lonely but then I saw you I wanted to talk to you but I just didn't know how you looked so cute you looked so hot I felt I want to know you I dreamed that you and me are gonna fly in the sky I couldn't believe my eyes you blinked and asked me do I want to? these words made bombs explode dandimite in my head I wasn't sure it's right but I said "ok" I couldn't take my eyes off you what the hell did I think god damned one night stand So you got to me last night you said "I'm yours turn off the light" but something was in the air around Next morning I woke up and said "my darling I think I love you" you rolled your eyes and said"Hey stupid what do you mean?Yeah yesterday you were so great but you gotta go now" oh my got I would not have guessed that from 14 I tried to find out what's your name but you said "fuck you burn in flames" hey bitch who should know you hunted me down only for that one night stand?So you took me to the sky and let me fly alone so I know my love...I drank too much I drank too much last night!

Text přidal Siri161

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