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One big lie,I don’t wanna hear it anymore.’Da freedom definition‘s miscellaneous.And set-up of state seems to be strained.Overproduction’s destroying our planet.And most of us are still intolerant.Great system goes wrong,we’re changing each other’s .The poor stay still poor,richest prodigalise.We sell our soul and we sell our brothas.’Da third world still dies we’re living in lies.That’s way I say.Illusion of money, to be slaves.You talk ‘bout peace with a gun in your hand.And after all you go to the church.And speak with your god and hide all your acts.All that they teach us is hatred and rage.Against the weak,against another race.But all your world’s ideas are just rotting take.We never give up whatever it takes!My live’s not for sale,my head’s full of dreams.About friendship and love between you and me.The world with no violence,hatred and wars.It looks small but there’s place for all.Smoke marihuana to be free,lie on the beach and make reggae band.My brain is hanging on the ganja tree.That’s why I don’t believe in your promised land.

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Fungision party

Fast food orchestra texty

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