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What will be your life without me oleoleola
Your mind is inside out, that´s what I see oleoleola
I guess I confused your head, it´s warped but not broken yet
Your mood always drove me mad, that I couldn´t stand
How care bout tihs callow bird,with naked and funny wings
Cage´s open it´s time to fly
Now you´re free as a bird on the tree
You´re not a chick you used to be
I give up the struggle no mater I miss
Cause there´s gotta be more to life than just this
Cage is open now you can fly oleoleola
Tie is broken baby bye bye leo leoleola
What will be my life without you oleoleola
I´m lost in nightlights, lonely and blue oleoleola
Flying flying alone near to clouds but far from my home
Flying flying alone I don´t know if you want to come
Flying flying aolne near the clouds but far from my home
And now you need my hands to solve your problems
5 days ago you gone away now you´re back and you want to dance
2x Cage is open now you can fly oleoleola
Tie is broken baby bye bye leo leoleola
Where have you been when I wanted to bring bring
Clouds from the sky and other likkle things things
Yeah baby he doesn´t need you like me and I could give youch more
Cage is open , you´re free GO! I say
No I´m not myself when you´re away
But what I know is can´t keep you on love with me yeah of course that I can´t

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