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I should wake up and go to find the job 'cause yesterday was to late and today too hot and manana is a day to so what?You say I'm lazy no no no I am not.Manana everything is gonna be ok my gall manana hold your horses take it easy man I should tell you that I love you so but before I move my lips you say bye I gotta go what to do with that I just don't know my heart is too big but the brain works too slow Mi feeling so high when me light up the fire already the first smoke bring me up to himalaya but then looking to the west then pretty fast to the east everywhere mi see just people whoa living like da beasts and where's the peace where's the world that I saw when I was in dreams hotta fire more fire light my chalice let me dream why don't you just let me feel alright me nuh want to fight just suvive and find peace of my mind don't tell me what to do my brotha who knows the way u choose is so much better when you're just earning money and work fi di bread me work my way to make the world better more time fi edification wanna be patient don't want just to steal the show more time to feel the love and to see my children grew wanna become blessed not to be all the timein stress so gimme just a minute and I'll show you my best

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