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Brain Enemies - text


Don't wake me up let me sleep for a while
Cause my mind and my soul feel much better and free
Deep inside my dreams
Don't wake me up let me sleep for a while
Let me dream of your smile let me kill my enemies

Brain enemies,brain enemies,brain enemiesalien in my head
Brain enemies,brain enemies all the bad things I've done and can't forget
Brain enemies,brain enemies,brain enemies bad alien in my head
Brain enemies,brain enemies,brain enemies

These hurting memories I can find them all around
Your picture in old shoebox face to face to mine
What I'll find today what won't let me sleep tonight
I'm trying to forget but you are still on my mind

I know I was wrong
But it's ok 'cause sometimes we all make mistakes
And the meaning of life is uniq and bitter,lovely and crazy
And it's something we'll never know
Somewhere in my dreams I'm much better and stronger
And I don't want to open my eyes
But I still believe,one day I will wake up and fece it and
All these enemies will disappear...

Text přidal Siri161

Video přidala Eruviere

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