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I'll tell you a story now
about a wimp dead on the streets
his corpse was down at the corner
i saw his face of course, he was rich

a victim of a poor and rebel boy
who wants justice in the world
he said: i kill on behalf of my my father
politicians must die in pain, you know

he would like to know
wy must he follow the rules?
why that man steals for himself
while his father dies of hunger?

this boys is a metalhead
and he just wants to understand
why he hasn't got the money
to buy the album of MOTORHEAD

after killing he wants
to rip the corpse and
to impale it like a trophy
mutilation thash

he takes his axe and begins
under the light of the sun
he cuts off arms and legs
and takes the pieces to home

now his father has
something to eat at night
eyes, fingers and heart
blood, legs and arms

heads will roll!!!

he cleans the blood and washes his boots
like Jack the Ripper has taught him
now he is a Killer on the loose
politicians he'll rip

he's walking at night
and hunting on the streets
he is ready to begin

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