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Finish Line - text


Wait here for the flag to fall
And follow me to the edge of town
Your family’s seen you on your bike
All they say is it’s such a waste of time
Stay clear of the runner up
He’s got some tricks he’s not afraid to try

I stopped racing years ago
I stopped listening – I stopped speaking
The world has kept you on your toes
Speak to me with your hands, with your hands
I’ve got my friends safe in a cocoon
But I’ve read enough to know it will end, it will end
Kerosene is my last line of defense
Against all the rules I’ve bent

I’m in the dark there, I’m in the basement
That’s where I keep them, that’s where they’re buzzing
Last year was a good year, I beat myself to a bloody mess
But blue is the colour of the days I’m hoping for
What have you done to the mind you had
Out there somewhere is the finish line
Out there somewhere is the finish line

I came to on a bed
I must have been taken by surprise
I must have lost my head!
Speak to me, if you can

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