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Second Hand Paradise - text


There was a love
So perfect and great
So close to heaven
It was like paradise
There were no lies
No trouble no hate
Burning she left me
Without a warning
Baby now I'm no more
The man I used to be
All I can give to you
Is what you left to me

Second hand paradise
Where the flames of
Memories rise
Everlasting proof to be
Just unreal
Second hand paradise
Don't go by and don't think twice
You can have it
Maybe it's not at island ?
But it's true
For me and you

There was a flame
So hard and so bright
And so my love was made
For eternity
Now that she's gone
No angels inside
Just you and me babe
Having lost feelings
It's not too much
That we can trust in
For The start
I'm gonna try it from
The bottom of my heart

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