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Reconciled - text


Do not be sad, smile a little
You've probably already forgiven me, or how
Now take my hand and squeeze it hard
You win nothing to be cross.

Let me whisper how much I think about you than
Let me explain to you that I love thee
Give me your hand now, give me your love
Take me in your arms again.

Sorry, sorry,
I'm yours, just yours
Come closer to me
Sorry, sorry!

It was probably stupid, everything I said
It is so easy, we all make our mistakes
But the reconciliation kiss will now make
Do I feel now I reach happiness.

Come and let us together to hear birds singing
Take me in your arms and tell me you love me
All that we dreamed, dear, I hid
All is forgiven again.

You take my hand and pressing it tenderly
And then the whole quarrel forgotten.

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