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Massacred by Madness - text


Senseless violence all around
Bodies strewn on the ground
War machine leads the way
Forget tomorrow, live today
Cries of pain fill the air
Who will hear? Who will care?
manipulated minds filled with lies
ignore the pleading cries

Violence led by seeds of hate
Is this the future for which I await?
Is living worth all of this?
Actions taken with the fist
Insanity the chosen one
Massacre everyone
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
We have lost

But what will happen when we look inside
And see that hate burns deep inside
Face the facts that life gives to all of us
Peace can only exist through all of us
Insanity, brutality reigns all around
Desolation, desecration of an insane mind
Ignorance, arrogance bleeds on the walls
Controlled, betrayed, hell is here for us all
Massacred by madness

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