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Cries of the Dying - text


Fight for the one that indoctrinates your mind
Ensuing terror fields you soon will find
Merciless butchery of relentless, punishing assault
Psychotic pandemonium of vicious decadence

Holocaustic truth, don't turn your head
Gaze upon the bodies of the deformed dead
Vehement contempt, knowing only hate
Waking nightmare burn into a mind who'll never be the same
Bullet ridden bodies now decompose in death
Foreboding destruction breathes its icy breath
Massacred in cold blood, pre-emptive attack
Blatant lacerating whiplash of malevolent rage
Massive hemorrhaging of the brain
Images of the dead, charred and slain
Decomposing truth of this victim-filled game
Traumatized, detestation of dismembered reign

Cries of the dying...

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