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Push the button on the right. No, not that one. The bigger one. Let's tune in. So here we are. We are standing at the city of delight. Please feed the dog and kick out the jams.
What do you think? How much does one of these cost? At least a hundred, I bet. What do you think? How fast does this go? How hard does it kick?
Ladies and gentlemen! We are here today to witness the final victory of The Bad Machine. We all own this creature. I have prepared a word or two for this situation. Excuse me for being too dazed & confused to recite them properly.
At this point, people are leaving. They are stupid, but they like it coherent and smooth. "A" failed make it smooth. "A" failed to connect very well. A strange phase in A's life has passed by and he stalks the moon like a stupid person. He digs red lights very much and things are all good. The audience stares a blank wall; viva tunnel vision.
Listen: I do not mind. That is the key to celebration AND the key to this door. This door, in a way, is the door to delight. And why? Because power is all good. Beside that, I thought about digging deeper into fundamental issues tonight. Before getting into those, I'd like to thank Love for being so useless in my case. My best regards to the Bomb, which has made me better. Much love to Gold, which I enjoy dearly.

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