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So you think you're the only one with hollowed out
bones trust me when I say we are not alone,
its been told that home is where the heart is but I
don't think that I can go back to where I started.
Life deals shitty hands that's for certain,
its how you deal that defines the person needless to
say, through the guilt and the shame,
I always find these endings always ending the same.
I'll never know why or where I stand why cant I hold
the stars in the palm of my hands?
Or why some thirst for the blood of another man?
Or let alone never alone understand how we can take
our own. How we can take our own take our own so lets
pretend for a second we can do it all again would you
take that chance see how it plays out in the end?
Me? I wouldn't change a single fucking thing but don't
be so eager to pass off your judgement cause if it
ever came down to it would you rise above it? Rise rise rise above it.
I will, I will, I will, I will

We can't stop now, we've started to rust no we can't
slow down we must rick ourselves up but I never wanted
to go down this road off the beaten path.
I must go it alone we are not meant to die here it's
clear more than ever we must face our fears and I admire
you for being so brave as I recall you were praying
for change, victus the fears I have sung I will I will
overcome my heart still lies with the son,
I will I will overcome forgive all the things I have
done I will I will overcome, we will rise with the strength of the sun,
I will I will overcome forgive all the things we have
done. We will we will overcome.
we will rise with the strength of the sun,
we will we will overcome.

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