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The Gate - text


Can I escape from this sickness?
This disease that burns through my veins
all night and everyday and I'm so sick; so, so sick of this..
but I wouldn't have it any other way

So welcome in to the house of sin
Question: is this at all what you've been expecting?
Already hesitating, got you second guessing
Why so quick to start counting your blessings?
So just listen, I got a proposition if your interested
I can make you live forever on one condition
See I got this contract..
I swear its honest, forget your conscience

No need to read the fine print and just sign this
So follow me to a place where you'll fall from grace
To a place where your life is the price you pay
and I never expected it to be like this
This is not what I ever expected.

Text přidala Rebella

Video přidala Rebella

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