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Funeralationship - text


How naive it would be to think that we could just walk away and leave
Well Im not going anywhere ’till i watch you fucking bleed.
I’ve heard people say they believe the devil could be saved,
Even if that was true i don’t think it would be in your case.

Because your lips taste of poison,
Your smile is so corrosive
and I’m shock, I’m appalled I was the only one who noticed.
Stay focused, stay focused
So much bigger than you and I
This is a matter of path that we strive.

And if you try, you decide to get in our way
Well I should not be held responsible
for the decision that you’ve made.
Suffer I may, the consequences
Oh yes, I will sleep easy, sleep restless
When you’re six deep and not fucking breathing.

and I know that you know that this song is about you
‘Cause when you hear it, it sends chills all around you
and I’m sorry for using such harsh fucking words
But after all, it’s not even close to what you deserve

I’m not afraid of my own inner demons
They kept me company when no one else would.
I’ve got reason to believe they’re just misunderstood.

If I could take it all back
If I could re-write the book
Well I don’t know if I could
For i’m a coward, a crook
Death stains the walls in the air
I feel the presence is near
Deep in the pits of my stomach
It’s the worst that I’ve feared

I’m on my knees and I’m pleading
but the answer’s not there.
So I am forced to march onward
With these burdens i bear.
I am sorry for the hell that I have put you through
I don’t deserve to gain forgiveness for the things that you were forced to lose.

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