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Arcane Shift feat. Mike Luciano (LOL song - E.. - text


I feel the fire in my veins
The magic force it calls to me
Though what a thrill it is
The gift I'm given causes my dismay
And despite what you say
I am no hero, stay away
Circumstantial matters
Urge at my attentions every day
I get the pulse within the brain (Can't trust the firestorm)
It pulls away as I take aim
I feel too much too often
If I can't turn this off then
I'll find a way to harness you
Bind you to me like you want to
This upgrade doesn't scare me
I'll feel quite legendary
For what is left's degrading over time
This life to save is mine
It's killing me from deep within (I'll take you from the core)
All doubt it gone, upgrade begins
(Pulsefire Upgrade complete)
(Bound to me)
(I'll make my home inside)
(Within your weakened flesh)
(Deep in your broken mind)
(Swallow your spirit whole)
(My husk to devastate)
(You move unto my whim)
(Time now to meet your fate)
(Such power that this boy can wield)
(What force do you possess?)
(Feed me in perpetuity until we both are dead)
I will awaken from this nightmare
This chance is all I'll have this time (I will never give up what's mine)
I will awake from this nightmare
This chance is all I'll have this time
I will never give up what's mine (I will never give up what's mine)

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