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Whispering Eyes - text



Your eyes penetrate me
Asking for no permission
Tearing my soul to Pieces
My reasoning Glitches

My defences are weakening
I'm helplessly vulnerable
Hypnotizing Attraction
Killing me with Passion

(Chorus I):
Gimme your Mind
Can you feel me inside
I'll make you Strive
To Embrace your Life
Gimme your Hand
Can't you see I'm your friend
You're so lost Today
I'll show you the Way

(Chorus II):
Persuasive eyes
Looking for me
Stalking eyes
Scanning me
Mystical eyes
Seducing me
Obsessive eyes
Controlling me

I can’t escape,
I don’t wanna escape
This gateway to
An impossible Paradise
Right in front of my Eyes
Coz I'm so lost in this World
So much to Behold

My body glows
As I reach the speed of light
So intense, it burns
I'm your Strange
Damning eyes
Whispering into
Your Mind

You can’t escape
My cruel invasion
You try to look away
But it's all in vain
Am I insane

(Chorus II)

I'm Paralysed
By your spell
I’m yours
See me
Control me
Help me to
Find my Way

Eyes of Fire
Tattooed on my brain
Making me insane
And I need them
To wash away my Pain (repeat)

(Chorus I)

(Chorus II)

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