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It all came back to me
The Travelling ways
Within the classroom

Childhood memories
Hidden but anxious
To be awaken
In times of need

Late at night
Eerie dreams
From the unknown
Invaded my thoughts
Changed my mind

Show me the way
To your mind
Show me the
Darkness inside

Reveal me the secret
As the echoes
From Earth
Shatter away
All hope!

And so we travel
Searching for
The meaning
But there’s no answer...

And so we call
Upon the Halans
Deeply connected
To the Universes

Through the years
They dreamt
Of the consciousness
Indefinable to their eyes
They spoke of a Star...
“And they were right!”

“We explored
New worlds
We left the body
We cleared the mind!”

And so we found the path
The Star Portal within our grasp

Waves of sadness
Bursting from her
Destroying every hope
Revealing the secret

Lightness fighting darkness
Darkness in all its Starkness
The War echoes from Earth
From Earth

“Inside the garden
The secret classroom
Where the Travelling ways are taught
Is filled with people
Accessing the Portal

Childhood memories
Hidden and now awaken
Reaching the deep corners of Space
Entering the realm of the Star's Mind...”

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