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Once a massive Star
Compressing its core
Rotating faster and faster
Became Supernova
The Neutron Star is born
Rotating faster and faster

Slowly fading away
After ten billion years
Hidden from Earth
Within the Dimension of Sound
Dimension of Sound

Each neutron a soul
Each soul a Sound
Each beam an emotion
Change is in motion

Magnetized mind
Pulsating atomic clock

Magnetized mind
Pulsating atomic clock
Radiation beam
Directed to Earth

Protons and electrons
Magnetic field peaking
The Star accelerates
Electrical field rises

Observed long ago
As its beam
Touches our Earth
We discover
The 'Travelling' ways
The Star's conscience
Is within our grasp

Her memories
Shattered by atrocities
Inflicted upon the Earth
Her anger grows strong
Unleashing the rage of
Sonic Pulsars

‘Supernova in 10 seconds
Brace for impact!’

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