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Woke up in distress
In this unreal morning
Hear the traffic stress
The city in all its glory

I gotta leave this place
Anywhere but here
No time, no patience
I need you my love!

I hear a Sound
Up in the skies
Unusual light
Tears in my eyes
Bright skies
Sound waves
Coming our way!

Sonic Boom!
It's time to feel the Music

Windows brake, cars crash
Sounds all over the place
Lives shaken in a flash

The Stars are screaming
A storm is coming
I'm gonna be leaving
What am I becoming?

The sky turns bright
The sky turns into Sound
We knew it was coming
I saw it closing in
Her tears falling from the sky
Pulsar rain, multiplying
Slowly breaching our Earth
Collapsing the land

Now the Earth is
Somewhere between
Sanity and insanity!

‘Mayhem hit the streets
Subway is beyond chaotic
Where are you Kyra?’

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