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Enter this World of living music
Where everything is sound
Group of notes invade my Mind
The vision of a city forms around
It's all sound
It's all sound
Surrounding me

The roaring bass
Creates this place
Makes me tremble
This is my temple
The soothing treble
It's so incredible
To see this World
As never told
The sonic tension
Is now Creation

The roaring bass
Creates this place
Makes me tremble
Makes me shiver
Explosions of sound
Shake the ground
Utopian waves
Create this place
The world of sound

My Senses are now sound waves,
I see melody in everything
I feel the sonic tension
It's all sound
Surrounding me

I stand before this world of sound
Appalled by its uniqueness
And if it were true
Music finally changed the world


The roaring bass of the destruction
Makes me tremble in fear
The soothing ethereal pads
And it all becomes clear
A sea of sound
The ocean of sound waves

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