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‘Have you felt the Star?
Yes, in my dreams
While 'Travelling'...
I sense her feelings
A storm is coming…’

There is a melody
To this sea
As the waves
Caress the magical sand

There is a chill in the air
As the wind blows
And the water flows
Through my veins

As real and dream
Counterpart each other
The Seashore
Slowly reveals
The great mystery

The Star reflects
Upon the water
As the Portal
Opens wide

Seashore Dreams
Stirring my imagination
Seashore Dreams
Melodic sensation
Seashore Dreams
Surrounding me
Center of Infinity

There is a melody
To this sea
As the waves
Caress the sand
Seashore Dreams

I lay down in the sand
Time is no more
As I see the future
From the seashore

As night falls
I look up to the Stars
How little I am
How small we are
The Music plays on and on

'Our bodies gave in to
The fatigue
We're resting now
Peacefully, quietly
In this beautiful valley
Seemingly safe for now...’

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