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Protonic Stream - text


I - The illusion

On a trail, like tireless ants
Following their destined path
Fighting for their cold desperate lives
Running towards their boring jobs
Hoping one day to be free...

Shrouded in an obscure fog
No sense, no hope
Waiting for the inevitable
At the end of the day
Batteries recharge
Home sweet Home
But the endless circle
Goes on and on forever

Following a virtual leader
They dream of better days
Forgetting that upon reaching bliss
They become the same blind power

Welcome to the system
Made for survival
Not for living
Protonic Stream

The humanoid is confused
Cynical, hypocritical, scheming
Upon this World
And the circuit Dies
Machines kill like ther's no tomorrow
Tomorrow, in fact, won't come very fast...

"You want to live a dream
Fall asleep and never wake up"

II - Protonic Matter

We follow
Follow the trends
Circling the Atom of survival
The Core

We're bits of energy
The subatomic particles of it all
Moved by a thing called Hope, Positivity
We're just Machines, Protonic matter
(Fighting the magnetism of it all)


We the Protonic stream
So many faces and races
Wuarks and gluons
Living together in peace

The Melotronical


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