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'As we walk through the dark gateway
Created from the obscure Music played within the valley
Our minds compose a fearful melody
That rapidly fades away...
I sense the melting of minds
As Kyra mirrors the Star’s emotions
The bright Music is playing at the end of the tunnel
Leading to the Star
And the struggle is over'
‘The Star expands all Music into a single Melody
Playing the Universe
We Become the Universe'

My mind travels
My body fades
Into realms
Of the unknown

The energy flows
As I enter this place
All becomes one
The Music is louder!

Take me away
To the new Paradise
Tell me the way
And let my soul Rise

Tell me the way
New things to be found
Take me away
To the Universe of sounds

Join us Into Sound!
Join us Into Sound!
Join us Into Sound!
Join us Into Sound!

The memories of
My Earthly days
Now part of this Universe
Of endless Music

Within the Neutron Star
Infinity becomes the path
To reach the new Dimension

I was, I am and I will be
What every being as ever been
And what dreams are made of
Energize me

To everyone:
Late at night
In deep sleep
Join me into Sound!

Join me!
Join me into Sound!

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